Our team of experts comes from a variety of backgrounds and experiences welcoming guests to Alaska. What we all have in common is a shared love for this beautiful place we call home and a strong desire to share it with visitors on the most personal level. We also place a strong value on customer service and you can be confident that we will go above and beyond to make your visit to Alaska the very best it can be. Please contact us by using the Custom Proposal Form to share your dream of visiting Alaska.

Pamela Manderson, General Manager

A lifelong Alaskan, Pamela has worked in Alaska tourism for more than 18 years. Her experience includes budgetinggg
, planning, and operating group and independent programs for clients from all corners of the globe. She and her highly trained team know what questions to ask to best determine the unique needs of each client before creating a private, customized program.

A graduate of the University of Alaska Anchorage, Pamela lives in Anchorage with her husband and two children. She has traveled extensively throughout Alaska, exploring destinations, establishing new partnerships, and feeling fortunate to live and work in such a spectacular place.

Brittany von Lindern, Operations Supervisor

Brittany grew up in Washington and developed a love for the great outdoors through family camping trips. She graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in tourism, got an itch for adventure, and packed her bags for Alaska in 2009. After spending two summers in Denali National Park she settled in Anchorage and her new position at Alaska Private Touring. Brittany loves sharing her adopted state with people from all around the world by helping them create their own unique itineraries.

Brittany continues to spend her summers hiking and camping in Alaska's backcountry with her family. Her favorite Alaska season is winter when she can often be found snowboarding or cross country skiing with her Alaskan huskies.

Beniece Lippert, Travel Designer

Beniece grew up in the Great Lakes state of Michigan, where she developed a love for fresh water and the great outdoors. She graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Communications, but it was her summers spent working in the Kenai Peninsula that drew her back to Alaska. Beniece hopes to share her knowledge of the Alaskan tourism industry with visitors, as well as the same sense of awe that she felt when she first arrived. Though Beniece’s favorite season is winter, you can find her chasing the latest pursuit on her bucket list throughout Alaska, all year long.

Rhiannon Brown, Travel Designer

Rhiannon has lived in Alaska most of her life. Having split her time between rural and urban communities she has experienced many of the wonders Alaska has to offer. She graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a degree in Anthropology and an eagerness to make the world a better place. She is excited to join the tourism industry and share her love of Alaska and adventure with clients from around the world. On a sunny summer day, she can be found kayaking on a local lake or hiking the Chugach mountains. Rhiannon began cross-country skiing in recent years and looks forward to enjoying the next winter on the ski trails.

Breanna Cooper, Travel Designer

Breanna was born and raised in Alaska, and has never called another place home. Her experience in the Alaska travel industry spans more than five years. Her true passion is for realizing visitor's dreams of visiting Alaska and she enjoys sharing this magical place she calls home with visitors from all over the world.

Although she lives in Anchorage, Breanna loves travelling all over the state and takes frequent road trips with her son. Rain, shine, or snow she enjoys going on new adventures during her personal time.

Al Koch, Creative Consultant

Al's experience in Alaska's travel industry spans many years – too many too count as he would say! His unique ability to 'think outside the box' combined with his wealth of knowledge often make him our 'go to' for inspiration when facing an unusual challenge.

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